“Would ya look at the shitter on that critter”
“I would sooo defile that whore…”
“Show me ya tits bitch”
“You know the dumb cunt likes it rough; don’t you dirty girl”
“Look how she walks, man she’s begging for it”
“I can already taste that”
“Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”
“She’s a little fucking spinner, all pussy tits and lips”
“Her period? Bitch has two other holes”
“She WANTS to be TAKEN and MADE”
“When I’m done with her she’s gonna need TWO rape showers”

We are taught to hate our mothers
We are taught to hate ourselves

“You gonna take that shit from a bitch?”
“Man the fuck up and run your house”
“Sometimes you got to tune the bitch up a little”
“Don’t be pussy whipped; grow a pair faggot”
“Who wears the pants in this house?”
“You a man or a mouse?”
“Quit that goddamned crying like a girl”
“You got sand in your mangina?”
“Fuck it, let’s all hit it”
“Sometimes you just need a little pussy”
“What you don’t fuck now, you will regret later”


©, 2014

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