Everyone wants
Until they get

Once hurt feelings occur
The social moral

Now the true dilemma
Of provocation
Begins it’s consumption

To burn at the stake
A free thought…
Or to die daily
In the bondage
Of cowardice

Till you’ve walked ten
Miles in my skin
You can’t begin
To tell me where I’ve been
What I’ve seen

You declare me a racist
And a misogynist
You declare me privileged
Based on my dick
And on my skin

Please forgive my confusion

But it’s kinda hard
To see your perspective
Your perception
When I’m ducking
And dodging
The rocks of sad cruel irony
You keep tossing…

It’s always the same goddamned fable
Brother against brother
Blood on blood while the earth
Cries out in shame

I wish we could trade skin
And then
Walk ten
Miles in
Each others stinking skin

Forced to wear each others eyes
Forced to live within each others lies
Forced to enjoy each others experience
Forced to live outside each others indifference

I wish we could trade for ten miles walked barefoot in each others life
Know the struggle the hustle the bad deal the fear the love the strife
Maybe then
From the same sun
We can see the same light
See the same stars
See the same moon
Overhead at night
Maybe then
We can meet for the first time again

©, 2014

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