Miss America
You were so beautiful
So full of promise
Beyond words to describe
How bad I feel inside
Now when I see you
Back in the trailer park
With your back bent
And your knees all dirty
Making the rent
Happen before
The three day pay or quit

What happened to you?
Where are the promises
From sea to shining sea
Where are the rewards of hard work
That were promised to me

Miss America you got a dirty habit
Keeping a whole bunch of ugly secrets
Hidden away under
The stained mattress
That has never known sleep or rest

How I miss you
The pride of a nation
Wrapped in the glory
Of red white and blue
Feet washed in a sea of blood
But your dresses never seemed to show a stain
Till now
But then again
What wouldn’t a mother do for her children?
©workingclassproduction.com, 2014

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