Back and forth these emotions flow
riding along on currents of tears
how I wish I could be more like you
so sure and confident nothing ever bothering you

Novocain heart and cocaine eyes
how I wish I could be more like you
looking at the world through distant glass
lives tumbled beneath you like TV reruns
no remorse or regret

or second thought to disturb your sleep

how I wish I could be more like you
to ball up my fist in your hair and throw you
choke you slap you till you got right
till you understood me
till you wished you could be more like me
all fucked up rusty barbwire and broken glass
grinding bones constant pain broke and always hungry
prowling the streets looking for the hustle
anything it’s gonna take…

How I wish I was more like you then I could do all this to you

and then we could be always at each other fucking fighting
all blurring together so much passionate anger
hard to tell the love apart from the hate
and we break each other down
and it’s so fucking sick

you’re such a stupid bitch you stay with me
I’m such a stupid bitch cause I stay with you

All fucked up and you punched me in the mouth
and we ended up fucking like crazed beasts on the couch
and you hit me and bit me
and I growled and pulled your hair and choked you
and you spit and screamed you hate me
and I covered your mouth
and fucked you harder
and you fucked me harder
and back and forth
we keep doing
this mad dance

and back and forth
I wish I could be
more like you

maybe then it wouldn’t hurt so much.

©, 2014

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