Truth is life is…

Road kill and passing cars
Nothing more than jaws full
Of ragged sharp teeth
Always gnashing slobber and hot breath
At the base of your neck
Waiting for that one little misstep
Trip up just enough
For the maw to catch up
To consume devour
Grow bigger stronger
On the grinding of your bones
Of the flaying of your mind
The consumption of you
Everything is prey
Everything is a predator
Sooner or later
Everything gets eaten

Truth is life is…

Death interrupted
From time to time
To digest
Serpent eating its own tail
Eternal hunger of the life cycle
Donner dinner party
How humane are you?
I mean how hungry are you?

Truth is life is…

Small bites of dying
Point of singularity
Consumed from within
After the last man eaten…

©, 2014

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