I guess things will never be the same now
Every since he said goodbye
We never saw the aftermath coming
Never knew we were high enough up
To be able to fall down so low.

He left us in ‘08
We were still wishing on stars
Complete denial about the reality
Of the cancer that was taking him away

I got lost in the bottles
And the bars
Back alley fist fights
And walking off jobs
Cheating women
And prescription pills

I heard you
Got tossed out
By your husband
That he went
And made a new life
With one of our cousins

I guess things will never be the same again
After the way it all went down
When the good Lord called
Our Grandmother home
And you were denied the chance to say goodbye

And it’s been such a long fall
We used to all
Be family
Get together for Christmas
And the other major holidays

All that’s left
Will never be the same again
Now that there is no one left
To share all the old memories
No more holidays
No more dinner together
No more birthdays in September
Just the 9th when I get drunk
And cry alone
Wishing we could all
Be together again
Like there never was a ‘08
Like things were back in ‘88

And I hear
My nephews
His grandsons
Are doing just fine

One is learning
To be a man
With just his mother
And memories of his grandfather
To guide him

The other
Is learning
To be a father
Him and his woman
Have a beautiful daughter

And all I can do
Is sit here
And talk to the picture
Of our father
And tell him
That we are getting by all right

©, 2014

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