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Cadence Collective: Long Beach Poets

Mermaid 4

by Joe Gardner

I was real young
6 maybe 7
Watching Hannah-Barbara cartoons

It was after
Thundar the Barbarian
With his magical sun sword
But before Captain Caveman
Would come on
You had the Super Friends

All the DC heroes
Right there
On black and white TV

I would mess
With the rabbit ears
And coat hanger
Twist the vice grips
On the nub that was left
Of the channel knob
To try to dial it in
With the least
Amount of snow and static
To get the balance
Between picture and sound…

The Super Friends
Had their shining white palace of
All the good people lived
All representative
Of hope
That no one on my block ever knew

While the bad guys
Lived in Black Mantis’s
Giant bug head
Looking headquarters
In some mysterious swamp
No one would ever want to live…

And the Super…

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