If he could spell, he’d really be dangerous


If he could spell, he’d really be dangerous, but spelling was never high on Joe’s list of ‘must improves.’ I took what many of my colleagues thought was a chance on Joe twice when he was in high school: talking him into enrolling in Advanced Placement English (“But Cizmar, I don’t think I fit in”) and taking him with the Principal and myself to San Francisco to speak at a huge education conference loaded with bigwigs (“But Cizmar, what am I going to say?”). Both events were adventures, and- of course, Joe did what Joe has an uncanny knack of doing, much to his own amazement but never to mine: the rest of the class ended up fitting in with HIM, and he was a much talked-about hit at the conference. That’s because Joe, even before he began writing poetry, had the heart and soul of the poet: he loves and understands the power of the word, no matter how it is spelled!

Steven Cizmar – Teacher/Mentor/My Captain/Friend

Steve Cizmar

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