The problem With growing up eating dog Is the strange guilt 30 some years later Petting you dog And your stomach Growls ©

Shower of Sparks

A man I met when his paws were still too big for his body, before maturity, scars and art had overcome the youthful appearance   I met joe in a shower of sparks, the ones behind my eyes from the effects of his over large hands balled into a fist. Over 20 years later my…

Spooning with Joe

I met Joe Gardner as a fresh faced airborne artilleryman circa 1993?. I found Joe to be very charismatic, but quiet and reserved. Always deep in thought as he examined his surroundings and always in search of higher meaning and purpose in the things he experienced. I also got to meet his alter ego, the…


The dog trembled always Maybe separated too young Maybe feral and beaten one time too many one time too long left uncertain instincts all in riot a natural trust for people bruised and broken by experience ©, 2014

The Last Sunday, A Night of Art

It’s official! Please join us on January 25th for our inaugural event, The Last Sunday, Please Click Here, for a pdf copy of The Last Sunday Flyer The purpose of this project is to create a warm environment for artists to come together and build a foundation of solidarity within our community of Veterans and Civilians. USVAA has generously…


Homeless Inspiration New Intoxication Mystic Meditation True Deviation Skeptical Divination Urgent Procrastination Confused Mediation Contentious Arbitration Vegetable Litigation Careless Jubilation Ruthless Abortion Free nation Personalized Disassociation Divided nation Acid Accusation Character Assassination Calloused Desperation Misunderstood Patriotism Falling nation Failing Ambition Everyone Hyphenation Failed Union ©, 2014


I wanted to She didn’t I did it anyways Now everything is in wreckage Picture frames knocked off walls The television kicked in All the mirrors broken Pictures in the sink burning She wanted to I didn’t She did it anyways Now everything is in wreckage Slapped face and a swollen lip Broken words that…


Listening to Charlie Pride And flipping through a Old worn book Of Bukowski Poetry Wondering at the irony And The Mystery Of God With a Righteous And Angry hangover Taking the Hammer From the Carpenter And Pounding His Own goddamned nails ©, 2014


They brought him home From the womb Back to the WORLD Tossed loose into the CITY Confused battered senses Senseless So much to hear To see So many smells different people everywhere everything everyone Overwhelming Screaming Horns honking Blaring radios bass beats dropping Lights flashing Everyone everyone everyone talking talking talking When will it stop?…