Shower of Sparks

A man I met when his paws were still too big for his body, before maturity, scars and art had overcome the youthful appearance
I met joe in a shower of sparks, the ones behind my eyes from the effects of his over large hands balled into a fist. Over 20 years later my jaw still clicks sometimes. But that started out friendship that has lasted over time and distance and has pushed through all the darkness in our respective lives.
Not much time goes by between times I remember him hanging out of Madelina’s truck on the way to my wedding or when I was furious with him and yelling at him right after he left the hospital with stitches and a cast, not angry because he was hurt but because I wasn’t there to fight with him, back to back.
What I know about Joe is that we are brothers, brothers in spirit and by choice.
I know no man that is tougher. That toughness comes from the scars that are caused by a purposeful and principled life. The brighter you shine, the more demons come to quench the fire. His scars are proud marks of fighting the demons.
I wish I could see him more and with less life distraction but I know Joe is following his heart and continuing the art that he is so good at.
Drew IshmaelUnited States Army Airborn/ Gun Dog/ Brother
drew and joe

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