I had just got back to North Long Beach
From Idaho
When she suggested I go
To Colorado and see Angel Face Rick.
So I bought an open ended ticket on the bus
To go to Denver.
I never realized how very long
24 hours can be.
At Vegas we stopped for an hour
I hit the saloon and the liquor store
With three pints snugged away
I figured I should be able to make the trip
With some peace of mind.
I’m all the way in the back of the bus
That seat no one ever wants
Right next to the damned bathroom
That never seem to work right.
Doors won’t latch or there is no paper
Or no light
Or the constant fear of something splashing…
So there I am by myself
Quite content with a plug of chewing tobacco
And my illicit pints of sanity
Leaving the promise of Vegas
In a glow cutting through the desert night
I’ve got a grand little buzz going on
Half ass reading part of a newspaper I found on the seat
And wondering what effect
The altitude there a mile up in Denver
Has on the booze and women.
©workingclassproduction.com, 2015

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