Warehouse construction day labor wages
Wished I’d paid more attention in school

Maybe then
My back wouldn’t hurt so much

Hard to break bones
And lose limbs
Behind a desk
Programing a
Video game
Or writing code
For a spaceship
Interstellar satellite

…Dreams so far outta sight…

As I pack a brown bag lunch
Two sandwiches and an apple

Climb into truck
Merge into traffic hassle
Time card punch in
Another piece of the soul
Prostituted for a slave wage
Open legs of dignity displayed
For 8 to 10 hours a day

And they tell me
I’m earning my piece

Go out and buy
A 60 inch flat screen
Put it on credit
Don’t matter if you can afford it
You deserve it
Get another new phone
Buy another car

Just stay in debt
And you’ll get far
Chasing the American Dream
©, 2014


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