Almost forgotten are the quiet desperate
that has led me here
down the Laughing Path
to a new found Hell
Not like other Hells-
much more subtle here
like a touch of perfume on a mannequin
or a pauper Jesus reborn a thousand times
a thousand different ways
like a Buddha with woolen robes
and head of cotton luxury
where sight has been lost
plague prostitution and cheap wine
sweet intoxicating smoke
lurid absurdities sinews of the mind twisting convulsing
visions of epileptic fantasy
serenity consumed by its own hunger
radius of Eternity measured by madmen
the Magician, the Doctor, and the Priest
announced their arrival with the steady pounding upon the door
demanding payment for returning the Soul to the body…

Sleep his fancy; his pennywise muse…
They found him just left of the Big Top
Slow demise under public scrutiny
lost breath and forgotten dignity
the Clown died drunk and sad

a sucker born every minuet
and the Show MUST go on.


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