Sometimes it is the silence
That is the heaviest

Some burdens
Don’t follow laws of physics
Let alone listen
To the jabbering of psychics

Look in the end
The math
All comes out the same equation common core sing along

Keep eager hands busy
Pray daily
And take your vitamins
We don’t want the terrorists to win
And the Russians
Might be coming again
Secret duplicity conspiracy
Everybody is a
Heroic (insert hyphenation here) Victim
Name blame same game
Rome rises from the ashes of Rome’s falling

Now eat all the food on your plate
There are starving children
In the USA
Double down on the double brown bag heart attack
Super-sized three cheese and bacon burrito-burger deal meal combo
With a side of grease and fries
And a diet Coke
And hug a tree
And hug a friend
And be sure to come again
And half off sale on the Kool-Aid
And don’t forget to vote
And save the cute animals
As long as the comfort tastes the same

and the babble runs as horses through rivers

©, 2014

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