Sometimes it’s gonna hurt
Sometimes it’s gonna hurt when it shouldn’t
Sometimes nothings gonna make sense
Even the things that should

And sometimes
There aint a damn thing you can do about it
Except grin and bear it
Take it square on the chin
And then throw back at it
Twice as hard just out spite
Just to prove you’re still alive in the fight
Called life

What I can tell you
Is you’ll never get anywhere living on your back
Belly up and ready to be fucked
Crying about mercy and fairness
Begging someone else to come along
And make a difference

You gotta stand up
Square the shoulders up
And plant your feet like trees
Bend a little at the knees
And swing from the hip
Like Elvis on a star ship
And pop ‘em
Right in the smart lip

You see Life and Luck
Are the Teeth and the Tail
And you’re the dog in the fight
Trying to catch up to save your ass
Running circles thinking the same thought
Maybe this time I’ll get it on the pass

Sooner or later you’ll realize
Getting down like that
Just leaves you
The sucker
In the bet
Waiting for the next
Punch line

©, 2015

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