I hate my kind

Goddamned poets

Every last fucking one of us
So convinced of our own greatness
So convinced
That we got the right answer
So very skilled in wearing purple robes
And calling it humility


Last panelist on the pandering list
Listing over educated lack of experience
Under the title of life experience
Telling lies of lives never lived



Yellow bellied cowards

With scars on the back and ass
and a clear face unlined never bruised
with no callouses on hands unused to work
with no dirt on the knees unused to kneeling

so write a pretty little ditty again
come and tell the whole world
about how angry
about how sorrowful
about how bad it is
about how it all has to change

while we grow fat
on golden tits
of milk and honey
in the Promised Land

©workingclassproduction.com, 2014

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