Hot Wheels race tracks
Safety orange
Synthetic snap back cracks
Laid across the backs
Ass and legs
That I learned
From past mistakes

That was the last Christmas
That I had any interest
In Hot Wheels
Or Matchbox
Or cars in general
With the exception of the General Lee
And the
Dukes of Hazzard
In the Eighties
Was still too cool
Destined to become old school
Daisy Dukes
Setting the trend
That raised the standard
Of the rear end
That ushered in
The Knight Rider
Black armored Cyclops red eye glowing
K.I.T.T. turbo boost
Power brake into a slide
Into the understanding that Herbie
The VW Bug paved the road
Of Mad Max Road Warrior fury
Thirsty quest for petrol
A clever man keeps a knife hidden under the bumper
Of his shackled up hot rod car
Cannonball Run
Thunder chicken Smokey and the Bandit
Who ever knew
That Burt would fall and come back
With or without the mustache
Long way today from Deliverance
Back in Georgia Boss Hoggin’
Leading the fall into 6 times Fast and Furious
Like those safety orange
Hot Wheels race tracks

©, 2014

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