The Lake was a safe place for us
Wild little barefoot kids
Bronzed by the sun running everywhere
Campfire cooking gigging frogs
Counting stars and listening to the water kiss the shore
It was like some Huckleberry Finn vision of Paradise

The dog Dion probably had the most fun
Once we set to camp he was gone
I used to envy him
The freedom to go off and away
Chasing jack rabbits across the fields
Barking his fool head off
I guess I still am a little jealous

While we made camp
Being the eldest
I got to set the stones
And build the fire
There was always something
Magical about making fire
Something that stirs ancient memories
I was ten when I swam the lake from one side
To the other
Older kid said it couldn’t be done
So of course I was set to prove him wrong
It was quite the spectacle
The adults caught wind when I was about half way back
It was all hands on deck
Everyone with a boat went sailing to the rescue
I was on my back taking my time
Enjoying the silence and the sky above me
It was one of the most peaceful moments I had ever known
The only thing that has ever compared was when I first
Jumped out of an airplane
In the Army ten years later

It was that same safety of solitude
I finished the swim to shore

I didn’t get into too much trouble for that one
Not like when I stole the Catamaran
That time it was big trouble
©workingclassproduction.com, 2015


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