Where you see
Wore out busted up cars
And overgrown yards
Filled with weather faded toys
And shopping carts on the cracked sidewalks
Apartment complexes and empty lots
Run down rental homes

I see
Third hand chariots of hope
Green worlds for children’s imaginations
Dogs and playthings still well loved
Signs that someone got dinner
The paths to remind you always about your momma
And a whole bunch of little homes making the best of life

I see
An old man loving that twenty year old little Toyota
That keeps him from having to walk to work
Mothers and fathers just happy
That they’re able to have a yard for the kids
And the dog and the toys
Kids running around happy and not hungry
Laughing out the warning “Step on a crack break your momma’s back
Families grateful to be in a house
Young couples just starting in their first apartment
And a few open spaces for the cats to hunt

©workingclassproduction.com, 2015

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