Like ice cream trucks
Singing songs out
In some neighborhoods
In my neighborhood
We hear
Nearby POLICE Gun Range

Shots ringing out
M-16’s AR-15’s
M-4’s MP-5s
Beretta Glock Smith & Wesson
5.56 9mm .40calibre .357 Magnum
Sounds of freedom and safety
Boom boom boom boom
Everyday all day
Just like the Fourth of July
Brrrapp bbbrrrraaappp popopopopopop
Just like in the bad old days
When the gangs would shoot
And everybody would pray
All night
The night sounding like Beirut
Bullets landing all night
On the roof

Law and Order
Through superior
Fire power
Less than lethal rubber bullets of safety
Tasers and extending batons of mercy
Kevlar helmets body armor gas masks jack boots
20mm grenade launchers sonic suppressions
Armored vehicles and high pressure water cannons

Don’t you feel so safe and free?
Herded together like cattle
Enemy combatants in the battle
To keep us safe safely
Free from the danger of freedom
BRRrrrraaaap Bbbbbrrrraaaap
One shot at a time
©workingclassproductioncom, 2014

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