They have lived there for near twenty years
She was a single mother
She raised her kids on her own
Like so many others here
On this side of the river

The workers have been there for about a week now
New windows and carpets fresh paint
There was an old beaten down couch
And a worn out press board dresser out on the curb
Final notice that they’re not coming back

Her boy was the small kid on the block
When he was younger he would whine a lot about fair
His momma caught him smoking and cut off his long hair
She was hard but fair she warned him about the smoking

Anthony turned out to be one of the good kids
I used to see him and his girl
The same one year after year
Riding their bikes
Or just holding hands walking down 208th

I haven’t seen them in a while now
I like to think him and his girl
Have moved on to bigger and better things
Maybe he went into the Army and they got married
Maybe she’s in school and he’s working the night shift
Maybe they got a kid and another on the way

Either way Anthony was a good kid

©, 2015

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