His name is now a noun
In his own head
He’s been busy
So very busy
Reading his own press

Been writing the stories for you to tell
You tell them so very well
Look at how his head swells
Look at him drunk again
On stage
Stumble bum through the words

And everyone
Dirty little clap whore
He is
Walking in a false coat of purple humility

Get on stage
Social seppuku
He lets the guts stay on the stage
Never mind he was gonna puke them up anyway

With vitriol and other words he can’t pronounce
Like a stalking cat he will pounce
On the mouse
Of your opinion
Roaring he thinks he is the drunken Lion
Of the kingdom


Lookit him
Biting down tight on his tongue
He’s bold not dumb
He knows how far he can get away with what he’s done.

©, 2015

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