Greasy and sleazy
It’s so easy
Why can’t you be
A little more complicated
Why not sit back and get
A little more opiated
We can get intimately acquainted
We can be happily augmented
Let’s dance stoned together
In the dichotomy
Of our emotional ether

And look baby
I really want you
To really feel
Like I’m intently listening
So why don’t we
Split this pill
And get back to
Our souls glistening
With our bodies
Sick sick slapping
Between the sweaty stained sheets
We’re splitting?

Now we both have drawn our lines
On the mirror
We know exactly
Where we stand
With each other
Cocaine on the right
Meth on the left

And now every solitary soul
Doing time in the solitary hole
Of times collapse
Of the relapse
Of synaptic response
To illusions of hope
Like Sunday school holiday floats
Like the bleating of the starving goats
Sent out to deserts dressed
With withering wreaths
Of flowers and anointed prayers

©, 2016

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