If I could only have
A little Time
In a bottle
Then like a fine wine
I would uncork the bottle
To release you
Just like you are in my memories
Of you and me
Back before Time
Ran out of the bottle for us

If only the song would play forever
So sweetly
Something to take me back
To times of you and me
So happily
Unaware of the bottles
Breaking against the tears of loss
To fall only as sharp shards
Of bittersweet dreams
On Time’s passing reality

If only I had something more
Than old faded photographs
Of all the Time that has passed
Then maybe I would have something left of you
To hold close to
During these Times I’m missing you
Lost without a compass
Or a watch to keep track
Of all that has been lost
Between you and me

©wporkingclassproduction.com, 2016

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