Another doctor’s appointment
Today I go see the guy about my eyes
I try not to worry too much about it
But that drifting right eye keeps dying

I try not to think
What blind will mean
Not seeing anything anymore
A total world
Of dark regret
How long
Before i forget
What things looked like?

What will colors mean?
And who will people become
Sounds and smells?
How long before I forget
What everyone looked like
Will I have to relearn
I’ve learned?

I don’t know
If I have that much time
I mean sure
The rest of my life
But I’d rather bet
The odds at the horse track
At least the race
Is entertaining
Even if you can’t
See the ponies running
The announcer
Is always there
Calling the numbers
They still serve beer
To the blind
To the broken
So you can ignore
The constant fear
Of being helpless
Just a blind limping
Pathetic fool
With the fear
Gnawing at the guts
Like starving rats
In a bag of dog food
Swarming the mind
Like summer fire ants
consuming all
In a deep pit of darkness

A room
With no doors
Or windows

©, 2016

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