I was talking
With your sister tonight

We got around
To talking about
When she
Gets around
To finding
Herself a Beau

She told me
She didn’t want
To find a fella like me

I felt awkward
Because I knew
That what
She was saying
Was so very true

I want to think
That maybe
My feelings
Should be hurt
That maybe I should try
To explain the hard miles
Between then and now

But the truth be told
If she found herself
With a man like I was
Well I figure
I’d end up in prison
And he’d end up in the ground

And your Sister is right Son
The compass
Of her judgment always seems
To run true North

Cause the truth be told
I haven’t always
Been anything to be proud of

I know my sins
All seven fold
I know the dirt
And I know the flesh
I know the folds
Of all my deceit
I know the meat of cruelty
And I know the wine
Of vengeance
I know the lust of pride
And I know
The sloth of cowardice

So my Son
I tell you now
As I always
Have told
Both your sister
And your older brother
Always strive to be better
Than everything that came
Before you
© 2016

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