Poor bastard…

gets up

before the sun everyday

off to demeaning back breaking

mind numbing life robbing

constant monotonous

fear of injury

minimum wage pay

for what used to be skilled trade

downsize downgrade

expendable resource

blame it on the economy

cheaper labor available with

coming June’s graduates


I still feel for them

both tricked

on a most cruel bait and switch

promised return for honest effort

always just out of reach

never catching the carrot

just the stick

cruel lashings across the flanks

of memories

of hungry woman and child’s eyes

of always late rent, 3 day pay or quits

of shut off notices

of student debt payday advance car title loans

of wedding rings and fathers watch

in the pawn shop

these are the things

these are the whips


keep tired oxen pulling carts

with heads down


©workingclassproduction.com, 2016

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